I Sympathize With Moskoff

Sending the missive via special delivery, Saul Moskoff wrote to New York Herald Tribune education editor Fred Hechinger on December 9, 1953, apparently in conjunction with a planned article. He noted that he was enclosing the only photo he had available of himself, and then made a request: “If it is possible for your photographers to touch it up so as to remove the ‘bags’ from under my eyes, it might result in eliminating the possibility of frightening children who may happen to look at the page.”

Accessed at the New York City Municipal Archives.


One response to “I Sympathize With Moskoff

  1. eric mauer December 6, 2012 at 10:29 am

    Moskoff was an instrument of human suffering and injustice. He wrecked many lives whether or not he was “only carrying out orders.” He was a real bad guy.

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